Medical and dental office furnishings: TEAK71 customized solutions using BETACRYL®

Medical and dental office furnishings: TEAK71 customized solutions using BETACRYL®

Durable, scratch-resistant over time.
These are just some of the many properties of BETACRYL®, a material developed with cutting-edge technologies, used at TEAK71 to create customized interior furnishings, which are designed according to the specific needs of our customers.

the choice of TEAK71 for customers in the healthcare sector.

Used in interior design for its versatility, BETACRYL® Pure Acrylic Stone, is a Solid Surface manufactured for two thirds with aluminum hydroxide and for a third with acrylic resin and natural coloring pigments, which can be created in any shape. In TEAK71 we offer furnishings that include this material in environments such as bathrooms and kitchens, since its use allows you to offer tops with integrated sinks, tubs, shower trays and other different kind of objects. Solid Surfaces are indeed having a big success among consumers since, in addition to durability and solidity, they are extremely velvety to the touch and represent a strong trend in aesthetic terms. Following the minimal style of contemporary design, total white is the favorite color for all modern spaces, but BETACRYL® can be inserted also in more classic contexts. Above all, it gains in style and elegance when combined with wood, the protagonist of our productions. Resistant to atmospheric phenomena, this ultra-functional composite material can also be used for outdoor environments, without losing its exceptional validity.

BETACRYL® in healthcare:
TEAK71 furnishings for medical and dental offices

Today more than ever, cleanliness and safety are essential in all those environments that are part of the healthcare world. Hospitals, nursing homes, public clinics and private medical offices must guarantee their patients an optimal level of hygienic attention, to avoid the spread of infections and communicable diseases.
Due to its antibacterial qualities, BETACRYL® is the ideal material in the realization of furnishings for medical offices. In addition, imperceptible joints and the absence of porosity, combined with great convenience for daily use – for example, ease of maintenance – allow easy, fast and perfect sanitization of surfaces. Ideal in operating rooms and recovery rooms, intensive care, radiology, analysis laboratories and acceptance desks, BETACRYL® finds a highly performing use even in the furnishings of medical and dental offices, where it is increasingly frequent for its ease of use and disinfection.
In particular, its characteristics of impermeability to bacteria and viruses, together with resistance to stains and heat, anti-contamination chemical agents and resins for dental use, make it the leading product in this field.

the ideal combination for quality sanitary furnishings

Experience and expertise have led TEAK71 to profitable and lasting partnerships with design studios, architects and companies in the production of high-end furnishings in which wood is the protagonist and is enhanced by the combination with other materials such as glass and metals.
The solid surfaces, highly appreciated by internationally renowned designers, represent the surfaces of choice for contemporary interior design solutions and their use is expected to increase in the coming years, precisely because of the peculiarities we have described. Among the Solid Surfaces brands on the market, our choice fell on BETACRYL® for the high quality of the products offered and the ability to adapt to all the needs that a modern and functional design requires. In the design and construction of new healthcare environments, the priority is to invest in the highest level of safety, with resistant and durable materials that maintain their functionality over time. BETACRYL® and TEAK71 represent the best solution for all those looking for practical, beautiful and always performing furnishings for medical and dental practices.
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